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“Salem” is a new series that debuts Sunday, April 20th on WGN America, and the drama is loosely based on the infamous witch trials of the late 1600`s. An entire village was created for the show, but it`s not in Massachusetts where you`ll find the actual town of Salem. This Hollywood set is located just outside Shreveport, LA.

“I couldn’t believe it. I thought there were going to be like maybe 3 or 4 houses there,” Iddo Goldberg (“Isaac Walton”) said.

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Oklahoma Leaders Split Over Bill Banning Cities From Setting Own Minimum Wage

With national leaders fighting over whether the government should raise the minimum wage or not, Oklahoma leaders are aiming to take matters into their own hands, according to affiliate station KFOR – Channel 4.

The legislation in question is reportedly shooting for the goal of keeping all towns in Oklahoma on the same page.

KFOR reported that Governor Mary Fallin recently signed legislation that stops cities and towns from increasing the minimum wage above that of the state rate.

Currently, Oklahoma’s state minimum wage is $7.25 an hour.

HealthWatch: Heart Screening Advice

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the world, and there is no formal guideline to screenings. However, a simple conversation with your doctor could prevent a deadly heart attack.

Best Start: Is Too Much Praise Bad For Kids?

Could giving your children too much praise be bad for them?

Dr. Susan Averitt with Best Start Pediatrics in Springdale takes a look at finding the right balance between praise and discipline.

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Oklahoma Finds Manufactured Source Of Lethal Injection Drug

Oklahoma has located a manufactured source of Vecuronium Brombide, one of the drugs that is used in lethal injections, according to affiliate station KFOR – Channel 4.

The Oklahoma attorney general says the state obtained the other drugs necessary from manufacturing companies, but the third drug listed above was not available through a manufacturer source until now.

The state has chosen to protect the manufacturer.

Pope Francis Asks For Forgiveness From Child Sex Abuse Victims

Funeral Set For Burned Body Found In Sequoyah County

A funeral date has been set for Jason Stone, the man that was identified after his body was found in a burned Marble City residence, according to a family member.

The funeral will be on Monday (April 14) at 10 a.m., and service will take place at the Mallory-Martin Funeral Home & Crematory, according to the family member.

Stone is from the Sallisaw area, and his body was found in a burned Marble City residence on April 5.